I’m a software engineer working on linux embedded systems.

Since I was a child I’ve been interested about technology and computers, when I was 5 my father brought at home the mythical Commodore64 and the magic has started…

Few years later I started my journey with GNU/Linux and still going on!

Then my studies followed a strange path, I graduated (with some troubles) as biomedical engineer, specialized in clinical engineering but then I moved to embedded systems and keep studying to learn new things every day.

Now software is not anymore only a passion but is also my work and I really enjoy with that ;)

Linux is always with me, on all of my devices, in the early 2000s was slackware, then gentoo, debian, ubuntu and now in 2020 is neon, in the future who knows…


My main interests are involved with electronics and informatics, programming and trying new stuffs.

I also like cooking and - even more - eating as a good italian boy :)

I love the nature, going walking in the wild contryside but especially going to my favourite sea place (Praialonga, Italy), where my heart resides. I used to retire there when needing some rest, going fishing and relaxing with my long-time friends.


My main tasks are related to Linux BSP for embedded systems so I have to deal with the u-boot bootloader, kernel development and Yocto Project for creating custom linux distributions.

Recently I am spending some of my work time dealing with AOSP (Android Open Source Project) customizations and Android app programming.